How to make tacos al pastor! (Cómo hacer tacos al pastor?)


I promised to post our adventure in the art of making Tacos al Pastor. Since I moved to the US, I always have missed the Mexican tacos al pastor experience. There are places where you can get them, but they’re not as good as a Mexico City taqueria. Since then, my friends and I have embarked on a Tacos al pastor cookout with an original trompo bought from Mexico City’s Colonia Portales–it’s probably the only one in Boston brought from Mexico City! The second taquiza (not shown) was actually performed at the Harvard Chemistry department as a part of our group open house.

Instructions: We assembled the trompo with a dedicated crew (Dori, Sigifredo, Joel, Sergio and Rogelio). Subsequently, we marinated the pork meat with achiote and orange juice. Afterwards, we roasted it on the trompo. We used cilantro, onion and lime to garnish! A gas tank and 10 pounds of meat later, ten people or so had a feast eating the tacos!

Ten pounds of love. The gallery below documents the event.

10 Responses to “How to make tacos al pastor! (Cómo hacer tacos al pastor?)”

  1. Se me hace agua la boca…… no eres para invitar, eh? que poca……

  2. 2 Dan

    It seems like the recipes for the marinade are closely-held secrets of the taquerias… how did you come up with yours and can you post it? And how did it compare to Mexico City originals?

    • 3 aspuru

      We got a recipe off th web. Nothing fancy. Achiote, orange juice and that’s it! Probably taquerias have a more advanced “setup” but ours worked really well.

  3. 4 robert

    Yes it is a secret and alot more than that and the meat is also prepared different not orginal

  4. 5 Louisa

    Where did you purchase your machine, or did you make it yourself?

  5. 6 rose

    where did u purchase your machine

  6. 7 rosean chavez

    Where did you purchase your machine, I want to buy one, so if you no where i can purchase one please let me know thank you.

  7. 8 Eric

    WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR TROMPO?!! I have to know! I see commercial ones online for $1000s, I just can’t believe they aren’t available for less than that.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    • 9 aspuru

      In Mexico City, for about $200 USD. Colonia Portales. I brought it on a plane back to the US.

  8. 10 Sam

    Well i don’t life so far of mex city, but i thinkg anybody who has lived in Mex City, or has been there and know the real flavor of this delicious TACOS AL PASTOR, would certainly miss them, i life still in Mex, but you can’t find a real and good taste for this tacos, unless you´r in Mexico, Puebla or Tlaxcala, obviously the best place is Mex, but you can still find a good flaver as long as you dont go very far from Mex.

    Best Regards. King Taco….

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